Assignment #6

Demons are the new scary thing that movies portray. My family does not have any superstitions or sayings. Old buildings and run down abandoned areas. Because we dont know much about them, we are fascinated with them.


Assignment #5

James Franco is a great example of a modern renaissance man. He has acted for many years but can portray many different roles. He is working his way through many different colleges studying a wide variety of degrees. He is a writer of short stories, his most recent work was entitled Palo Alto.

Assignment #4

It would be hard because of all the disease and bad tasting food. It was also dangerous.

The upper classes had all the money and power. They had less disease and better food.

It has changed because we have a stronger middle class. The times are different and people are in different circumstances. But it is still true between the upper class and lower class.

Outlaws that rebelled against the ruling class.

He was an outlaw who had copy cats later in the years and led to more tales and fables.

The video
had many words that were similar to what we hear today, although most of it sounded like mashed together words that made no sense. I thought that it sounded very cool and wish our language still had the same flow.

Assignment #2

Shrek and Donkey are the heroes in this video. They are heroes because they are on a quest to achieve a major goal. They possess human traits, and are larger than life. All heroes possess these qualities. Beowulf is a hero because he is also on a quest to defeat evil and has larger than life abilities such as strength.

I have chosen The Raven as my video for a hero. The main character is being hunted and he is on a quest to save his own life. He displays human characteristics and also has special powers.


I feel that it will be a different and more up to date way of doing writing assignments, this I enjoy. I also dread the part where I have to do this frequently.